Vending Solutions


Yumchop Foods solution provides a hygienic Grab & Go completely contactless alternative to traditional catering.

The kiosks have a remote alert facility that allows monitoring of temperatures and any issues relating to them. Additionally, the self-service facility supports the measures to reduce social distancing in light of COVID 19.

Yumchop Foods are flavoursome and authentic food from around the world with an African twist. They are cooked and specially frozen to retain their goodness, and freshness and minimise waste due to their long shelf life and carefully measured portion sizes, with no added preservatives, colourings, or additives.

We work with Universities such as Canterbury Christ Church University, and also we have been working with Kettering General NHS Trust. More recently we have now become a part of the NHS Food Framework agreement with the NHS Supply chain to supply hot food and drinks.

We also supply universities through the approved Innovative Food Framework – TUCO (The University Catering Organisation).

How does it work & How can the concept supports your organisation?

The Yumchop solution is the production of a range of tasty meals, using fresh seasonal ingredients, and then rapidly frozen and packaged in a convenient tub so you can buy them frozen for home, or served hot from our novel automatic retail kiosks.

What are the benefits?


Real-time remote monitoring of stock inventory and freezer temperature.


The microwave provides a food safety mechanism and minimises the risk of allergen cross-contamination with other foods through the use of a barcode for its operation.​


Cost-effective service for hot food that is quick and easily accessible.


Commercial microwave that warms the meals from frozen in a matter of minutes.​


Food is warmed completely with no spillages due to the benefit of the package.​

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