YUM - "Yummy For Your Tummy"
CHOP - Nigerian Slang for "Eat Your Food"
Our mission is to create meals that are authentic and bursting with African flavours.
We present to you, meals that excites your palate with natural ingredients from the soil.
Meals that are free from any added preservatives, colouring or flavourings.
Meals that are packed in environmentally friendly recyclable and biodegradable tubs

Benefits of frozen

The food tubs are clearly labelled with allergy and nutritional information.

The food tubs are convenient and can be warmed from frozen following the instructions on the tubs.

Our entire manufacturing process up till distribution is certified by STS (a leading food, health and safety body on par with SALSA) organisation for regional supply and distribution of food.

YumChop Beliefs

These are the things we believe in. #YumChopBeliefs


Our meals have no added preservatives, additives or artificial colouring. We believe in using only natural spices and herbs such as ginger, hot scotch bonnet, garlic, bay leaves and more natural flavourings.


Price, quality and convenience all go hand in hand to satisfy our customers. We listen to you and act upon our customers’ feedback to ensure maximum satisfaction. We pride ourselves in quality and promise to give a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for our meals.


We strongly believe in giving back to our community in any way that we can. Community for us is important as it inspires us to keep creating amazing blends of food, bonding of different cultures and we have our customers and community to thank for.


We have a great team who recognise the core values of the business and who work to the best of standards. We recognise our team efforts and believe in great food and great people. With work with local Social Enterprise – MK Melting Pot – Supporting the unemployed through providing Employability skills training and experience in meal preparations.


From a young age, wasting food has been a CARDINAL SIN at home. Mother ensured that all our meals were cooked, portioned and stored in the freezer (when there was sufficient electricity) to have just enough to avoid food waste.

Our packaging is 100% paper based, recyclable and biodegradable. All of our food ranges reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability, minimising our carbon footprint.


We like to be at the cutting edge of the sector and using technology to make life easier for customers exemplifying the use of our Kiosk to deliver meals hot to customers in a very timely fashion.

This innovate and forward thinking culture earned us a 4 year APPROVED SUPPLIERS STATUS  with The University Catering Organisation (TUCO) to directly supply UK Universities and Local Authorities.

The tasty bit

Our chef-made dishes contain the tastiest, most exciting blends of spices and ingredients we can find.

Instantly freezing our meals ensures nutrition and taste is locked in – so it tastes just as good in your kitchen as it does in ours.

Reasons to choose Yumchop frozen convenience meals

Our recipes are assembled and tested to ensure that you receive delicious tasting food every time.

Recyclable packaging, and responsibly-sourced, ingredients

Outstanding customer service, ensuring that your needs are always taken care of.

Comes with easy-to-follow instructions, pre-portioned meals ensuring a stress free meal time for you.

You’re in control with our subscription, change your meals from month to month, pause or cancel for free

Quality pre-measured ingredients ensuring that no food goes to waste.

Our Story

Abi and Michael have been married for over 21 years and have been blessed with 2 boys. They both grew up in West African households, specifically Nigeria, with the privilege of having had family cooking traditions passed down from grandma and mum. This led to an archive of incredible and joyful memories, most of which have been formed from the passion of cooking delicious variations of traditional foods within the family.

Over the years, the kitchen has been our favourite place in the house; where we have the freedom and creativity of combining multi-cultural traditions to create incredible dishes that we share with extended family and friends through numerous get-togethers and barbecues. We also realised – from the same friends and family – that although many people love eating delicious home-cooked meals, many didn’t like the hassle involved in meal preparation nor the time it takes to cook.

For us, hours in the kitchen came to us naturally and is our passion, love and joy. Our scrumptious meals are filled with homeliness, warmth and surprise, creating a spark and bringing people together.

We enjoy travelling and we love meals from different cultures. One of our signature dishes was born in 2007 when Michael discovered an incredible blend of Jamaican Jerk Sauce and African spices with Nigerian smoky Jollof rice. So, we started the journey of creating a fusion of African meals and flavours with meals from other cultures.

We had the big idea of making African ingredients and meals mainstream in an innovative way. Whilst there are many independent providers of African cuisine through pop up shops and restaurants, they are still hugely underrepresented in the mainstream market. With much research and feedback, fast forward to 2016 when we launched Yumchop, providing hassle-free, frozen ready meal cuisines from around the world with an African twist, bringing ease, convenience, and satisfaction to serving food.

As an existing supplier to Universities, the likes of Imperial College University, London and NHS Hospitals through our Automatic Vending Machines, we are now looking at bringing our meals to your homes, on your dinner table.

We want to share our passion and love for food through our flavoursome, authentic and delicious meal range because we believe that eating should give you a sense of intense satisfaction, joy and comfort! Sharing our meals at the family table or with friends, creating a community aura that is warm and filled with popping flavours.

Made by our chefs

Our chefs do all the cooking for you, so that you can lay back and enjoy

Heat & eat

Our meals are flash frozen to retain quality and taste. Ready from frozen in minutes


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