Tasty Jerk Chicken Tray

A great tray, full of spice and African flavours!
Yumchop’s Tasty Jerk Chicken Tray includes:

12x perfectly seasoned Jerk Chicken legs

If this sounds good, why not serve it with our popular Nigerian Naughty Puff Puff?



Try Yumchop’s signature Jamaican Jerk Chicken this Christmas!

Our Tasty Jerk Chicken Tray is an easy to prepare party meal with 12 pieces of perfectly seasoned and spicy Jerk Chicken legs.

How do you prepare it?

That’s easy!

1. Select your leg from the freezer
2. Pop it in the microwave for the required time (shown on each tray)
3. All done! Sit down and enjoy a tasty meal!

A great tray, full of spices and African flavours!


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